Scenery is poetry without words


Flowers are like human emotions
They change in the seasons
Plants change around the oceans
Like how we feel without reasons

A rose representing a smile
A Lily representing a dimple
Lilacs show how we change every once and a while
And the Palm tree shows how life is so simple

Once I wrote a poem but this part seemed to make the most sense to me, I used to compare the human studies with the environment and how similar they were.

Just but looking out into the world you can feel so many different emotions. And you can make so many connections with everything that you see, that is what makes me so interested in traveling.


Make it Rain (Forest)

I have always wanted to visit a rain forest. I was looking around on my Tumblr the other night and I saw a link to the top ten  biggest and popular rain forests.

I visited the site and then continued searching rain forests, and fun facts about the plants and animals that live in them. I think that one day I’m going to move somewhere near a rain forest.


Walking outside into the great outdoors can be really exciting. One of the reasons I want to travel the world is so I can study different plants and different wildlife habitats. I think that it would be fun to go to foreign places and see all of the natural beauty that I don’t get to see from my front porch.

Out of all of the plants in the world one of my personal favorites would have to be an aloe plant. In all honesty I have no idea why, I’ve seen so many and actually have one sitting beside my television right now. So it’s not like it’s special to see one from time to time. I guess I just like the look, and the use.

Did you know that the Aloe Vera plant is from the Lily family? I think that’s pretty cool. Aloe Vera plants are full of vitamins and can help with digestion, and as a secondary effect they can also aid weight loss. The plants are good for the skin, and help with sunburns. I often use aloe during the summer.


Trees are Cool

Did you know that one tree can produce up to 260 pounds of oxygen per year? This means that two trees annually can supply enough oxygen to support a family of four! That is CRAZY! I have always had a slight fascination with trees. Ever since the day that I learned that without them I would not be able to survive. That and I have been a pro tree climber 😉

Over the past few years I have learned more and more fun facts about trees that surround the world. One of my personal favorite types of trees would have to be palm trees, because of the unique look they have to them. Palm trees do not show rings in the trunk, like other trees would to show the age. Also, they are very flexible, so that the bend in the harsh weather rather than snap off and break. Palm trees are considered the “Trees of Life” and I think that is a very well fit description for them.

Trees are very sensitive, just like the human kind. They feel everything surrounding them, and every disturbance and disruption of an ecosystem effects the trees. The saying “Trees talk to each other” is not a lie! I bet you didn’t know that there are certain types of trees that can warn each other when they’re under siege by insects. Scientists have found that trees when being taken over with bugs produce several toxins, throughout the leaves and branches. This does not only make a less healthier meal for the insects, but manages to spread the word to surrounding trees about the intruding species.

I think that the trees are one of the most unique species out in our big world. 

Insert Witty Title Here

This environmental blog resembles the beautiful ecosystems and animals that need the help of humans, who don’t always realize it! It will open your eyes and show you how beautiful the earth is, and also how much it needs your help to keep it that way. Image