Walking outside into the great outdoors can be really exciting. One of the reasons I want to travel the world is so I can study different plants and different wildlife habitats. I think that it would be fun to go to foreign places and see all of the natural beauty that I don’t get to see from my front porch.

Out of all of the plants in the world one of my personal favorites would have to be an aloe plant. In all honesty I have no idea why, I’ve seen so many and actually have one sitting beside my television right now. So it’s not like it’s special to see one from time to time. I guess I just like the look, and the use.

Did you know that the Aloe Vera plant is from the Lily family? I think that’s pretty cool. Aloe Vera plants are full of vitamins and can help with digestion, and as a secondary effect they can also aid weight loss. The plants are good for the skin, and help with sunburns. I often use aloe during the summer.



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